We have been member led, following requests for support and awareness as well as producing the magazine for information and advice.

The magazine was established in May 2014.  6 months later the support group was founded and we then became charity registered in December 2016.


All those involved are volunteers who have FM/ME/CFS.  We currently have 5 Trustees, Beth Urmston, Julie Britten, Cath Farrer, Sian Philips and Sara-Louise Williams


The magazine consists of a team of 3 with contributions from members.

We are committed to doing all that we are able to change the misconceptions and stigma associated with FM/ME/CF (SEID), as well as raising funds to enable bio medical research to be carried out to ascertain the cause of these diseases which would hopefully lead to a cure.



*An aid to those who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM) Chronic Fatigue (CF) and Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) who need support and guidance to help them come to terms with their lifelong debilitating condition. 


* To help their families, friends, colleagues etc. to better understand and be able to offer their own level of support. 


* As a tool to assist the medical profession when dealing with patients who have presented regularly over a 6 month period or more with   unexplained pains which could be FM, or those who have already been diagnosed. 


* As an outlet for patients wanting to share their experiences to help others. 


* A way to raise awareness and educate the general public to the many issues that make up these similar but different conditions.


* To work toward fundraising for research, we all want the same thing: 


       A CURE!