We are reliant on public donations to help us achieve our goals.  All contributions are very much appreciated and it can be absolutely free if you use Easyfundraiser when shopping online.




Printing and mailing costs are our largest expenses throughout the year.  


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Why not visit and purchase one or more of our items to help raise more awareness or leave a donation.  A percentage of all sales goes towards bio medical research.

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We have linked up with Folly Pogs who have been collecting for bio medical research for many years.  They recently assisted with funding the first stage in research by Sheffield Hallam University and we are now also fundraising to help them reach their target for the second stage.  We can only do this with your help.

If you would like to make a one off donation we have three options for you to choose from.

The first option to donate to the awareness campaign is by using the paypal donate button.

You can also donate via using the button on this page.

Thirdly you can donate by purchasing some of our great products in our shop which also has a button to click.

You can also raise money at no cost yourself by using easyfundraiser, as shown below